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ESKO cutting machine blade

ESKO cutting machine blade provided by Nanjing Costar Precision Tools Co., Ltd. is produced by high-quality tungsten steel raw materials, with high cutting precision, stable quality and long service life. The blades can be widely used in corrugated materials, folding cartons and paper, hard boards, flexible materials, foam and foam core boards, aluminum and ACM, wood and wood-based materials, rubber, flexographic plates, etc.


ESKO cutting machine blade ESKO cutting machine blade
Model Dimensions (mm) Model Dimensions (mm)
BLD-DR8180 Φ8 * L40mm BLD-DF112 25*8*1.5
BLD-DR6160 Φ 6*25 BLD-DF113 25*8*1.5
BLD-SR8170 Φ8 * L40mm BLD-DF212 50*8*1.5
BLD-SR8180 Φ8 * L40mm BLD-DF213 50*8*1.5
BLD-SR6223 Φ 6*39 BLD-DF570 50*43.5*0.9
BLD-SR6224 Φ 6*39 BLD-DF571 50*43.5*0.9
BLD-SR6312 Φ 6*52 BLD-SF216 25*5.65*0.64
BLD-DR6160 Φ 6*25 BLD-SF217 25*5.65*0.64
BLD-DR6161 Φ 6*25 BLD-SF311 40*10*1
BLD-SR6303 Φ 6*39 BLD-SF312 40*7*1
BLD-SR6307 Φ 6*39 BLD-SF313 40*7*1
BLD-SR6315 Φ 6*39 BLD-SF420 25*4*1
BLD-DR8160 Φ8 * L40mm BLD-SF421 25*4*1
BLD-SR8160 Φ8 * L40mm BLD-SF422 25*4*1
BLD-DR6169A Φ 6*25 BLD-SF426 25*6*1
BLD-SR6522 Φ 6*76 BLD-SF428 40*4*1
BLD-SR8172 Φ8 * L40mm BLD-SF429 40*4*1

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