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COMELZ leather cutting machine blade

The COMELZ cutting machine blade provided by Nanjing Costar Precision Tools Co., Ltd. is made of high-quality tungsten steel raw material YG6, with high cutting accuracy, stable quality and long service life. The blades can be used for cutting leather, synthetic fabrics, textiles, etc..


MODEL Dimensions (mm) MODEL Dimensions (mm) MODEL Dimensions (mm)
HZ2N 25*6*0.8 HZ2XL 30*6*0.8 HZ2R.L1P 30*6*1
HZ2N.L 30*6*0.8 HZ2XL1 30*6*1 HZ2L.L 30*6*0.8
HZ2N.L1 30*6*1 HZ3B 25*6*0.8 HZ2SL 30*6*0.8
HZ2P 25*6*0.8 HZ3XL 30*6*0.8 HZ2T.L1 30*6*1
HZ2PL 30*6*0.8 HZ3XL1P 30*6*1 HZ5N 25*6*0.8
HZ2P.L1 30*6*1 HZ4N 25*6*0.8 HZ5X.L1P 30*6*1
HZ2R 25*6*0.8 HZ4XL 30*6*0.8 HZ5KS 22*6*1
HZ2RL 30*6*0.8 HZ4XL1 30*6*1 HZ2S 25*6*0.8

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