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v groove slotting machine blade


The Cardboard v-grooving knife provided by Nanjing Costar Precision Tools Co., Ltd. is produced from high-quality tungsten steel raw materials, with high cutting accuracy, stable quality and long service life. It can be used to cut Gift box and cardboard. One set, composed of two left and right pieces, will be used at a time.


Item Dimensions (mm) Item Dimensions (mm)
001 32*14*3.7 006 63*14*4
002 38*15*3 007 65*18*5
003 39*14*3.5 008 72*14*4
004 50*14*3.5 009 72*14*9
005 50*14.5*4 010 45/50/60*6/12/15*2/2.2

* For more information about other dimensions, please kindly contact us.