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Optical fiber cleaver blade

The optical fiber cutting blade provided by Nanjing Costar Precision Tools Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high hardness, sharp edge, stable cutting angle, flat cutting end surface, no unevenness, long cutting life, and easy replacement.


Rotating Surface Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Application
16 (with small holes) 22 2 Fujikura CT-30, DARKHORSE 09, Inno V7
16 21.9 2.09
16 22 2.07 Jilong 21/31F, DVP 106/107/108, Fujikura CT-06
16 20 2.08 CETC,Pro'sKit,Furukawa S326
16 20 3.12 Sumitomo FC-6S, RY-6S
12 20 3

                                       * For more information about other dimensions, please kindly contact us.